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Poisons - Licensing

Sellers of products such as weedkiller or pesticides need to register with Trading Standards.

The Poisons List Order contains a list of poisons covered by the Poisons Act.

  • Part I of the list contains poisons that may only be sold by a registered pharmacist.
  • Part II of the list contains poisons which cannot be sold unless you are registered to do so with the County Council.

If you wish to register with the Council for a poisons licence please contact us for more information and an application form.

Please note that you can now renew your application on-line - see the “Links” section.

Requirements relating to the sale of Part II poisons

There are many detailed requirements relating to the sale of Part II poisons, which depend on the type of poison being sold. These requirements relate to:

  • the labelling of the container
  • the type of container used
  • the person to whom the poison may be sold
  • the recording of sales
  • the purpose of the poison
  • the transport of the poison
  • the storage of the poison

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Last updated: 24 October 2011

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