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Central Lincolnshire

Central Lincolnshire covers the combined areas of the City of Lincoln, North Kesteven and West Lindsey, totalling an area of, with a population of 290,500 (Census 2011).

The Central Lincolnshire Joint Strategic Planning Committee (CLJSPC) was established in October 2009 and the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan Team (previously called the Joint Planning Unit) was established in May 2010.

The Central Lincolnshire Local Plan Team is responsible for producing the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan which will replace the Local Plans of the City of Lincoln, West Lindsey, and North Kesteven District Councils.

The Central Lincolnshire Local Plan will establish policies for the growth and regeneration of Central Lincolnshire over the next 25 years and beyond. Once finalised, the policies within the Local Plan will make sure that our settlements grow in the right way, ensure we have homes and employment where we need them, and ensure our communities are sustainable, accessible and inclusive.

Before the new Central Lincolnshire Local Plan can be adopted it will go through several rounds of consultation and will undergo an examination, where the “soundness” of the document will be assessed. An independent Inspector will review all the evidence that has been used to inform and define the policies, the consultation that has taken place, and the process that was taken to prepare the document, before writing a report that will set out whether the document can be adopted as policy.

More information on the examination of Local Plans can be found on the Planning Inspectorate website.

The Proposed Submission Central Lincolnshire Local Plan was approved for public consultation by the Central Lincolnshire Joint Strategic Planning Committee on 14 March 2016 (minutes are available on the Joint Committee webpage).

The Proposed Submission Local Plan is scheduled for public consultation between Friday 15 April and Thursday 26 May 2016. Please refer to the Local Plan page for full details.

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