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There are a number of anniversaries for which Her Majesty has made it known that she will be happy to send a message of congratulations.

  • A 100th Birthday
  • A 105th Birthday and each Birthday thereafter
  • A 60th Wedding Anniversary
  • A 65th Wedding Anniversary
  • A 70th Wedding Anniversary and each Anniversary thereafter

Notification of birthdays is handled automatically by the Department of Work and Pensions but wedding anniversaries will be marked only if someone draws The Queen’s attention to the date.

In order to process wedding anniversary requests a form has to be completed (it is available from the Lord-Lieutenant’s Officer) and a copy of the Marriage Certificate will be required. 

Please contact the Lord-Lieutenant’s Officer, Mrs Andrea Brown, on 01522 553787 for more information and to discuss the process.

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Last updated: 22 April 2014

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