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Council Services:

Council Services

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  • Family and Local History

    You can start your family history research at Lincolnshire Archives.

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    • Lincolnshire Archives

    • Tuesday to Saturday: 10am - 4pm

    • St Rumbold Sreet


    • Lincolnshire

    • LN2 5AB

  • Family Group Conference FGC) Service

    A family led decision-making and planning process in which families are enabled to meet together to find solutions to problems that they and their children are facing, within a professionally supportive framework.

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  • Family Information Service

    For childcare, children’s services, help and information for families.

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    • Family Information Service

    • Monday to Friday 8.00am till 6.00pm

    • Customer Service Centre, Witham Park House

    • Waterside South

    • Lincoln

    • LN5 7JN

  • Family Support

    Parenting can be challenging and support may be needed, asking for help is not a sign of failure.

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  • Finances

    The Council’s Budget, Statement of Accounts, Key Financial Facts and other information.

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  • Fines, Parking

    Your District Council maintains a number of car parks distributed around the area.

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  • Fire Fighting and Rescue Services

    The Fire Authority has responsibility for efficient provision of LFR.

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  • Fire Regulations

    A licence/registration is required to sell and store fireworks.

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  • First Contact

    First Contact is a service which allows people aged 60 and over to access a range of information and advice to help them stay safe and well in their home through one point of contact.

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  • Fixed Period Exclusion, School

    There are two types of exclusion from school: Fixed period exclusion: where a child is excluded for a certain number of days (maximum of 45 days in any one academic year); Permanent exclusion: where a child is not able to return the school from which s/he is excluded.

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    • Education Out of School Team

    • Children's Services

    • County Offices

    • Newland

    • Lincoln

    • LN1 1YQ

    • Tel: 01522 782030

    • Fax: 01522 516054

  • Fleas, Pest Control

    You can report pest problems to your District Council.

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  • Fleet Management

    The Transport Services Group (TSG) delivers Fleet Management Services on behalf of Lincolnshire County Council.

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  • Flood Risk Management

    The Council has developed the Lincolnshire Flood Risk and Drainage Management Framework.

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  • Flooding (Drains & Gullies)

    Drainage systems remove water from the highway to provide a safe passage for all.

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  • Flyposting

    Flyposting is the illegal pasting of stickers and signs, usually unapproved advertising for commercial interests.

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  • Flytipping

    Flytipping is the illegal deposit of controlled waste on any land and is a criminal offence

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  • Food and Farming

    A link through to our Lincolnshire Forum for Agriculture and Horticulture.

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  • Food Business - Health Promotion

    Health promotion for businesses is provided by the District Councils.

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  • Food Hygiene

    The law requires that most food businesses are registered with the local authority for the area in which the business trades.

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  • Food Safety

    Know your ‘Use By’ and ‘Best Before’ dates? Find out more.

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  • Foot Bridges

    The County Council’s Technical Services Partnership is responsible for all County owned bridges.

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    • Technical Services Partnership

    • Lincolnshire County Council

    • 5th Floor, Mill House

    • Brayford Wharf North

    • Lincoln

    • LN1 1YT

  • Footways and Adjacent Kerbs

    Lincolnshire County Council has a statutory duty to maintain adopted roads and paths (the Highway) within the County.

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  • Forest and Woodland Management

    Planting trees and hedgerows to improve the landscape.

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  • Forward Plan

    The Forward Plan is updated every month and provides details of key decisions to be taken by the council.

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  • Fostering

    Fostering is substitute care in a family setting for children who cannot live with their birth family.

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  • Fostering - Private

    A Private Fostering arrangement can be a positive response from friends and the local community to a family in need of support.

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  • Fraud, Benefit

    If you suspect someone of benefit fraud, call the district council benefit fraud hotlines.

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  • Freedom of Information

    Do it Online

    How to make a Freedom of Information request online.

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  • Freedom of Information

  • Funding

    View our grant schemes and other funding opportunities and services.

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  • Funding for Community Groups

    Capital funding for Community Facilities in Lincolnshire.

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  • Funding Special Needs in Mainstream Schools, Feedback Form

    Lincolnshire County Council is proposing changes to the way mainstream schools receive funding for children with special educational needs, aiming to deliver extra help quickly without needing to wait for a statement of special needs. We want to hear your views - take part in the consultation here.

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  • Funerals, Celebratory Ceremonies in Lincolnshire

    Commemorate the three main stages in life.

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    • Ceremony Co-ordinator for Lincolnshire

    • t: 01522 552513

    • Future Highway Works

      Revenue and capital works which are programmed to be carried out in the forthcoming months.

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