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Council Services:

Council Services

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  • Latest News and Public Health information

    We will try and bring you the latest news, information and updates regarding MECC and our partners within the healthy lifestyle services.

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  • Naming Ceremonies, Celebratory Ceremonies in Lincolnshire

    Commemorate the three main stages in life.

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    • Ceremony Co-ordinator for Lincolnshire

    • t: 01522 552513

    • Naming Ceremonies, Civil

      Many families and friends wish to celebrate the birth of a baby with a special ceremony.

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      • Ceremony Co-ordinator for Lincolnshire

      • t: 01522 552513

      • Nature Reserves

        Local Nature Reserves can be designated by local authorities on land in their ownership or on land via agreement with private landowners.

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      • No P.O., No Payment

        Lincolnshire County Council uses “No P.O., No Payment” policy.

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      • Noise Pollution

        Controlling noise pollution is the duty of the District Councils and Police.

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      • Nursery School Places

        All children are entitled to receive up to 15 hours of free Early Years Education from the funding period after their third birthday.

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        • Family Information Service

        • Monday to Friday 8.00am till 6.00pm

        • Customer Service Centre, Witham Park House

        • Waterside South

        • Lincoln

        • LN5 7JN


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