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Council Services:

Council Services

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  • Verges, Grass

    Most grass verges are within the public highway and come under the responsibility of the County Council.

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  • Vermin, Pest Control

    You can report pest problems to your District Council.

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  • Village Greens, Statutory Registers - Common Land And Village Greens

    As a Commons Registration Authority, we are responsible for maintaining the Registers of Common Land and of Village Greens, and for responding to searches of these registers.

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  • Visit Lincolnshire

    Find things to do, places to stay and where to eat in Lincolnshire.

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  • Visits, Educational

    Lincolnshire County Council fully supports the principle of Outdoor Education as a means of extending learning opportunities for all young people within the county's educational system. It is widely understood that the education of all pupils is greatly enhanced by real experiences, both within school and out in the wider world and so educational visits and residential trips are seen as highly valuable.

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  • Volunteering / Voluntary Work

    Contribute to your community by becoming a volunteer.

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  • Volunteering Opportunities

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