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Aveling-Barford Ltd


Road rollers, dumpers, graders, bulldozers and concrete mixers.


Aveling-Barford came into being in 1933, as the result of the amalgamation of the country’s two leading manufacturers of road rollers, Aveling & Porter and Barford & Perkins. Neither of the two constituent firms had Lincolnshire connections, Aveling & Porter being based at Rochester and Barford & Perkins at Peterborough, but following the merger the company moved it’s operations to a new factory on the outskirts of Grantham.

During the war the company built Bren gun carriers for the army, shell fuse caps and various precision-made components for tanks and submarines. Aveling-Barford continued to prosper in the immediate post war period, but the 1960s and 1970s were difficult decades for the firm. The workforce was slashed and the company’s range of products was dramatically reduced, but Aveling-Barford is still trading today as part of Moxy Engineering.


The records of Aveling-Barford include build records, product catalogues, photographs and engineering plans. Many of the records date from before the 1934 merger and therefore relate to the two constituent companies.

The Aveling-Barford deposit has not been fully listed and all enquiries should be passed to the designated archivist.


The origin and development of Aveling-Barford Limited”

“A Hundred years of road rollers”

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Last updated: 29 March 2010

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