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Lincolnshire Archaeological Handbook

The Archaeological Handbook seeks to set practical guidelines for a consistent approach to the historic environment within the planning process in Lincolnshire. It outlines the principles of modern historic environment resource management and details those aspects of the process of relevance to Lincolnshire.

As a result it is hoped to establish effective long-term management of the county’s archaeological and built heritage. The handbook is aimed at many different users. For planning officers, consultants, applicants, developers and architects its value will be as a reference tool when dealing with archaeological issues. For planning archaeologists, archaeological consultants and contractors it has more specific functions.

The Lincolnshire Archaeological Handbook was first published in 1998; it has now been extensively revised. To view please see the pdf under the Downloads tab.

Archaeology Handbook

TABLE OF CONTENTS - (Valid from 18th June 2012)

  • Chapter 1 Summary (v3.0)
  • Part 1 - Introduction
  • Chapter 2 General Outline (v2.2)
  • Chapter 3 Archaeology and the Law (v3.1)
  • Chapter 4 Historic Environment and the Planning Process (v4.0)
  • Chapter 5 Types of Archaeological Work (v2.2)
  • Chapter 6 Archaeological Project Management(v2.2)
  • Part 2 - Archaeological Code of Practice
  • Chapter 7 Organisation of Archaeological Projects (v2.1)
  • Chapter 8 The Brief (v2.2)
  • Chapter 9 Specification and Project Design (v2.2)
  • Chapter 10 Archaeological Methodology (v2.2)
  • Chapter 11 General Considerations(v3.0)
  • Chapter 12 Recording Systems (v2.2)
  • Chapter 13 Artefact Handling (v2.1)
  • Chapter 14 Specialists (v1.0)
  • Chapter 15 The Report (v2.2)
  • Chapter 16 Dissemination & Publication (v2.1)
  • Chapter 17 The Archive (v3.0)
  • Part 3 - Monitoring and Contingency
  • Chapter 18 Monitoring (v2.1)
  • Chapter 19 Contingency (v2.1)
  • Part 4 - Appendices (v3.0)
  • Appendix 1 Legislation relevant to archaeological heritage management
  • Appendix 2 Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport’s criteria for scheduling ancient monuments
  • Appendix 3 Guidance notes for scheduled monument consent applications and SMC application form AM112     
  • Appendix 4 Model for archaeological project management
  • Appendix 5 Sources for desk-based assessment
  • Appendix 6 Application form for Burial Act 1857 Section 25 licence to exhume
  • Appendix 7 Guidance for submission of notes to Lincolnshire History and Archaeology
  • Appendix 8 Site monitoring report form
  • Appendix 9 List of useful addresses
  • Appendix 10 Selected glossary of terms
  • Appendix 11 Abbreviations used in this manual
  • Appendix 12 Pottery fabric lists (separate PDFs)
  • Bibliography (V2.1)

Lincolnshire County Council
Reproduced from the 1996 OS Mapping with the permission of the Controller of Her Majesty’s Stationery Office (C) Crown Copyright. Unauthorised reproduction infringes Crown Copyright and may lead to civil proceedings. OS LICENCE 100025370



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