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Part B - Background

Lincolnshire has a low relief with three-quarters of the land lying below 30m (much close to sea level). The form and nature of the outcropping geology has weathered to produce a characteristic landscape with some notable north-south trends.

There are two lines of hills consisting of relatively hard rocks which have been eroded more slowly; these are the mainly chalk Lincolnshire Wolds and the limestone Lincoln Edge and Heath. Between these uplands is a clay vale broadening southwards to the peat- and silt-filled depression of the Fens, while to the west lies the Vale of Trent. To the east lies the Lincolnshire Marsh fringed by a sand-dune and salt marsh coastline.

To view the broad findings from the main survey (Summer 1994) click on the download.

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Last updated: 29 April 2014

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