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Parking enforcement

The county council has now started parking enforcement

Parking Enforcement Officers

After a two week period of grace, when motorists were issued with ‘warning notices’, the county council has now started parking enforcement.

A team of 20 enforcement officers will work across the county. This is similar to the number of traffic wardens the police employed when the restrictions were enforced more regularly several years ago.

The team will take a sensible approach to enforce parking and waiting restrictions. They will not have targets to meet for issuing tickets (penalty charge notices).

Having an appropriate level of enforcement in place for the county will help keep motorists moving, reduce congestion caused by inconsiderate parking and support local shops with parking bays nearby.

Motorists need to make sure they know what all the road ‘signs and lines’ mean to avoid being fined £70 or £50, and should always park considerately, without causing an obstruction to other people.

The new powers introduce two new restrictions that will be enforced for the first time:

  • Dropped kerbs – to allow those with wheelchairs or pushchairs to cross more easily
  • Double parking – so that people don’t cause an obstruction by parking too far from the kerb

Follow this link for more details about these, plus all the main parking restrictions and fines.

If you have any queries, please get in touch by email

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Last updated: 10 July 2013

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