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Information and advice for young people in Lincolnshire

Some of the information on teeninfolincs is not suitable for young people aged under 13.

Kooth - Free online counselling

Hyperlink to Kooth Online Counselling resource


Hyperlink to information related to making choices at 16 years of age relating to education and careers

Staying Safe - Wherever you are!

Hyperlink to ways of staying safe, wherever you are

Fairplay Football

Save the Date!

Save the date for the Fairplay Football Festival!!!

Being a good friend can be a lifeline at Christmas.

Show Your Friends That You Care This Christmas and New Year Video

There are lots of things you can do to help someone who’s feeling a bit flat over the holidays.

Volunteering with Positive Futures

Top sportsman overcomes odds to become leading volunteer

Local man overcomes significant challenges to become an international sportsman and now a ‘phenomenal’ volunteer for Positive Futures.

Hyperlink to the teeninfolincs Facebook page Hyperlink to information about apprenticeships Hyperlink to information about transitions Read this page out loud

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Last updated: 2 October 2014

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