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Choices at 18


  • Choices at 18

    With many options available it’s best to start researching and planning early.

  • Gap Year

    Many young people decide to take a gap year before starting higher education.

  • Higher Education

    Higher education could open doors to all sorts of new possibilities; better jobs, increased earnings,more choices and an exciting future. 

  • Researching Higher Education

    There are around 300 institutions and roughly 50,000 courses in the UK!

  • Applying for Higher Education

    Done your research? Now all you need to do is make the application!

  • Higher Education Offers

    After you’ve sent your application in you will need to keep an eye on ‘Track’.

  • Starting University

    Once you have your place and got over your celebration hangover you need to prepare.

  • Results

    Once you get your results you may need to act quickly so be prepared.

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