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World of Work

Information and advice including job forecasts, employability skills, self-employment and much more


  • Woman working from home on laptop

    Self Employment

    If you have an idea or have spotted a gap in the market and plenty of enthusiasm this could be for you.

  • Healthy people keeping fit

    Lincolnshire Population

    The population of Lincolnshire is expected to rise over the next 20 years.

  • Take the quiz


    Links to quizzes, videos and other information, support and advice on the world of work.

  • GRANTnet for Business

    Useful LMI Websites

    If you are looking for quite detailed Labour Market Information these are the sites to use.

  • Video Conferencing - Weston Hills Primary School

    Careers Podcasts

    A range of podcasts covering all sorts of job areas from catering to technology.

  • Aspirations


    Lincolnshire Employment and Skills Bulletin.

  • Careers

    Did you know?

    When planning your career it would be useful to know what jobs are going to be in demand in the future. 

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Last updated: 15 May 2014

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