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Lincolnshire Population

The worldwide population figure has recently gone over 7 billion.  One feature of this population rise is that fact that many people (especially in the West) are living much longer than they have in previous generations.  In Lincolnshire we know all about this as the population of Lincolnshire is expected to rise over the next 20 years with a considerable percentage of this rise being made up of people over 60 years old.

This impacts on the job market in Lincolnshire.  It is possible that due to this rise in older people we will need more health and care workers and service professionals. 

We do not currently have a particularly strong IT infrastructure in Lincolnshire but this may have to change to deal with the increased population.

Due to our geography we are a prime target for renewable energy providers so we may need more skilled engineers.

Clearly Lincolnshire is renowned for it’s agriculture but we employ many more people through the large public sector with Health, Education, Local Government and the Armed forces all employing significant numbers.  Will this grow?

Find out more about the Population changes in Lincolnshire and how these may affect your future plans through the Lincolnshire Observatory.

But remember we have a global economy and with the right skills you could work anywhere in the world!

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