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Links to quizzes, videos and other information, support and advice on the world of work.

The following links will take you to quizzes, videos and other information to:

  • Help you identify skills and qualities you might need to pursue your career
  • Decide on a career path which may be suitable
  • Think about the differences between jobs and the different qualities needed

BBC Young and jobless - This new sites identifies the economic situation in different parts of the world, which is more than a little depressing, but will hopefully lead to changing unsustainable economic and social policy worldwide.

Careers Sectors - There are 20 careers sectors listed here covering a huge number and range of jobs.  Each has useful information about the jobs you could do, how to get into those jobs, what you might be paid and local advice about whether it is a growing or decreasing sector.

Taste Success - A career in food and drink provides worldwide opportunities, good pay, exciting prospects, a bright future - you can Taste Success with a career in food and drink industry.

Square Pegs, Round Holes - This is a basic personality quiz which will help identify your strengths and areas of interest.

Work Values - Basic information to get you to think about different types of job, what they entail and the different things you need to think about when planning your career.

Employability - Skills and qualities desired by employers

3M Careerwise - Create your own personal profile, including the skills and qualities you need for different jobs you may be interested in.  This site also includes videos of people doing different jobs and how they got into those jobs.

Open Doors Media, creators of the Regional Training Prospectus, have designed a collection of 20 sector-specific careers leaflets. Each leaflet gives a short and snappy overview of the sector with information on career prospects, useful statistics, pay levels and details of the qualifications the sector looks for.  These are a really useful starting point when thinking about jobs in different occupation areas.

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Last updated: 30 January 2014

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