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Useful LMI Websites

If you are looking for quite detailed Labour Market Information these are the sites to use.  Some can be tricky to use but most have ‘Contact us’ details where you can get your questions answered.

If you want ward, city, countywide, regional or national statistics to give you a guide for what’s really happening in the world of work this is the site.  Easy to use, up to date and comprehensive.

Good for

  • Earnings figures for different jobs and parts of the country
  • Qualification levels for different jobs and different parts of the country
  • Numbers of JSA claimants in areas of the country
  • Number of employees in different sectors of the economy

Watch out for

  • The date of the info – can be old.
  • Always need to go right back to the homepage to change the type of search

Another site with oodles of great LMI.  Over 30 work sectors comprehensively covered with all the information and data you could ever need.  Can be broken down into localities too.

The site where all the Sectors Skills Councils come together.  Links very closely to the site above but also has smaller profiles of each sector and some councils provide links, workshop plans and further info.  Loads of great, up to date and comprehensive LMI.  Have a look here if you’ve got a particular area of work in mind.

Good for

  • Really detailed data on specific sector areas
  • Good analysis

Watch out for

  • Not finding it!
  • Local data can be hard to find

What do graduates do 6, 18 or 36 months after graduating?  What about 7 years?  Where do they work and how much are they paid?  Which subjects have most ‘employability’ and are most popular?  This site tells you.

Everything you could possibility want to know about employment and working.  Use this as initial information as the statistics aren’t here.

Lincolnshire’s Research Observatory.  Some useful information but great enquiry section - very helpful.  Loads of great bulletins and information about how Lincolnshire is changing.

Good for

  • Latest local information
  • Newsletters
  • Release calendar of useful bulletins and publications
  • Local Economic briefings
  • House prices in Lincolnshire
  • Under 19 long term unemployed figures
  • Area profiles to give you an idea of what will happen in that area

Watch out for

  • Some of the data may quite be quite general
  • Some of the data may be old until the most recent census data is added.

Did you know that in 2001in the Boultham area of Lincoln 35 people regularly travelled between 30-40km to go to work as did 527,840 others in England? No? You may not have wanted to but this is the level of detailed data contained on this site.

Good for

  • Locally detailed info
  • Datasets for virtually anything you could want to know about!

Watch out for

  • This data comes from the census so many of the dates are 10 years old

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