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Council Services:

Interconnect and CallConnect

InterConnect/CallConnect is a quality network of connecting local bus services designed to improve public transport links to destinations throughout Lincolnshire, making travel by bus easier, quicker and more efficient.

CallConnect bus

All InterConnect routes have a high frequency of service with modern, low-floor vehicles.
Across the InterConnect network, Real-Time information, new bus shelters, raised kerbs and improved bus stop information boards are being provided.  CCTV systems are also now installed on buses and will be provided at interchanges to help passengers feel safer at all times, especially in the evenings. For more information on the InterConnect network please see the link attached to this page.


CallConnect forms part of the Interconnect bus network and is a public bus service that operates only in response to a pre-booked request (on a ‘dial a bus’ basis).  Most CallConnect services are fully flexible and are operated by modern fully accessible minibuses.

Anyone can use CallConnect for any purpose such as shopping, medical appointments, work, training or just meeting friends.

In most cases CallConnect will pick up and set down at designated locations in each village or town. Passengers with a disability or those living in more isolated locations (where there is no natural pick up point) can be picked up and returned to their home address, if it is safe and practical to do so.

You can use CallConnect to travel to any location within each service operating area, and if you are travelling further afield you can connect with the main Interconnect bus service or other local bus or train service.

Registration to become a CallConnect member is free, but you must be a CallConnect member to be able to book a journey.

Please call our friendly booking team on 0345 2343344 to find out more about the CallConnect services, or to become a member.

Most CallConnect services operate on Mondays to Fridays from 0700 until 1900 hrs and Saturdays 0800 until 1800 hrs with local variations. For timetable information follow the weblink to InterConnect.

Concessionary bus passes (available to disabled people and people aged 65 and over) are valid on all CallConnect services.

Contact details

CallConnect journeys can also be booked online if you have access to a PC or Tablet. More information about the Interconnect and CallConnect bus network is available on the InterConnect website.



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Last updated: 27 January 2015

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