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Lincoln Castle's history

Discover Lincoln Castle’s history

On your visit to Lincoln Castle discover a site steeped in history spanning the centuries from 60 AD to the present day.

A brief history

By Norman times, Lincoln was the third city of the realm in prosperity and importance. The city even had its own mint for making coins. In 1068, two years after the Battle of Hastings, William the Conqueror began building Lincoln Castle on a site occupied since Roman times.

One of the first structures on the site was the Lucy Tower motte and its bailey, to which another motte and stone walls were added early in the 12th century. These would have dominated the skyline along with the nearby Cathedral.

For 900 years the castle has been used as a court and prison. The coffin like pews in the chapel, were to remind prisoners of their fate and to ensure that they could not see each other. Many prisoners were deported to Australia and others executed on the ramparts.

A full picture of the ‘life’ of Lincoln Castle can be gained from the timeline in the downloads section.

For further information please visit the history pages on the Lincoln Castle website.

Lincoln Magna Carta

Lincoln Cathedral’s Magna Carta is now in situ in the David PJ Ross Magna Carta Vault alongside the Charter of the Forrest. For more details on Magna Carta please see the Lincoln Castle’s website.

For further information regarding the 800 years celebration and keep up to date follow this link.


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Last updated: 2 April 2015

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