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For centuries wind power has been used as a natural source of energy. The most famous of all the devices used to produce this kind of power has to be the windmill.

A windmill is simply a mill that is powered by the wind. It uses the energy that it derives from the wind and converts it into power to help produce such things as corn and water and more recently electricity.

The first windmills were used by the Arabs in the 7th century. Evidence suggests that the first windmills to arrive in the UK were in the 12th century and it quickly spread throughout Europe.

As Lincolnshire is a large flat county it proved perfect for the use of windmills. At its peak Lincolnshire alone was estimated to have more than 500 windmills in operation.

The remains of 136 windmills are still evident in Lincolnshire today and you can find details of these by following the links on this page.

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Last updated: 24 October 2012

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