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Other Windmills in Lincolnshire

The pictures on this site were provided by Peter Kirk. Peter visited all of the sites over a period of a year or so, travelling to the sites on a cycle; in so doing he covered hundreds of miles.

Mr Kirk’s photographic archive contains every windmill in Lincolnshire. Some just show the remains of what once stood there whilst others are working examples that still produce flour.

The information on the mills has been taken as extracts from the late Peter Dolmans book “Lincolnshire Windmills - a contemporary survey”. This book, now out of print, was published by Lincolnshire County Council in 1986. Mr Dolman’s book details the windmills of Lincolnshire, has a fine introduction, provides sections and details of various mills and has many maps. It is a great accompaniment to the restricted information on this web site. The ISBN number for this book is isbn.0 86111.126.5.

Another book on the windmills of Lincolnshire was written by Rex Wailes. The book entitled “Lincolnshire Windmills - parts one and two” was published in 1991 by the Friends of Heckington Mill. It has no ISBN number. The book is made up of the results of talks given by Mr Wailes to the Newcomen Society in 1953. It provides a map and listing of the mills stating their condition in both 1923 - when his first survey was carried out - and then again in 1953. Rex died in 1986.

These books are useful historical documents providing excellent insights into the Windmills of Lincolnshire.

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Last updated: 19 October 2012

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