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Grebby Mill, Scremby

Grid Reference TF438684

This once attractive tower mill is dated ‘I.E.1812’ and replaced a post mill. It was worked in its latter days by Dobson’s in conjunction with their mill at Burgh le Marsh. By 1946 only two sails remained and work finally ceased in late 1949. The last pair of sails were taken to Cross in Hand post mill in Sussex where they were converted to fit a stock and continued to work until1969. The cap and ironwork were taken away c.1963 after which it was allowed to stand derelict. In 1977 the tower stood intact with the wooden upright shaft, two pairs of grey and one pair of French stones. The grey stones have now been taken to Burgh mill and the tower has been converted into a house, gaining a large addition to one side and a rather odd ‘cap’. A large dates tone ‘1983’ has been tastelessly inserted into the tower to record this transformation. In 1985 the mill and house were incomplete and unoccupied.

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