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Lincolnshire County Council election results 2017

To find the results in your electoral division use the interactive map below or the drop down menu.

Electoral Divisions in Lincolnshire

Please click on an area of the map above or choose an electoral division from the dropdown menu.

Breakdown of the 70 seats in Lincolnshire (70 declared)

  • Conservative  58 Seats
  • Labour  6 Seats
  • Independent  4 Seats
  • Liberal Democrat  1 Seat
  • Lincolnshire Independents  1 Seat

Share of the vote

Graph bar representing a 53.3% increase in the CON vote
Graph bar representing a 18.8% increase in the LAB vote
Graph bar representing a 7.4% increase in the UKIP vote
Graph bar representing a 6.2% increase in the LI vote
Graph bar representing a 6% increase in the IND vote
Graph bar representing a 5.3% increase in the LIBDEM vote
Graph bar representing a 0.2% increase in the SV vote
Graph bar representing a 2.4% increase in the Other vote

Results Summary

Complete breakdown of election results

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