Make your house their home campaign

Three siblings smiling at the camera

In Lincolnshire, there is an urgent need for more long-term foster carers to look after some of the county's most vulnerable children.

The 'Make your house their home' campaign aims to help us find the right people to become long-term foster carers.

Long-term fostering

Long-term fostering is also known as permanent fostering.

Some children are not able to return to their birth family because it would not be safe for them to do so, and adoption is not always suitable for every child.

In these cases, we strongly believe that long-term foster families should be found.

As a long-term foster carer, you will care for a child or young person until they reach adulthood and beyond.

Long-term fostering needs a high level of commitment, as carers need to provide a stable home life for a child.

In Lincolnshire, there are many children and young people, including groups of brothers and sisters, waiting right now for long-term foster families.

Many of the children and young people who live with foster carers come from a diverse range of backgrounds and may display some challenging behaviours depending on their past experiences.

Watch our animated film, Ellie's Story which is a real-life account from one of our care leavers of her experience of being in long-term care.

Long-term fostering benefits

There are many benefits to long-term fostering both for the child or young person and for carers.

A long-term family gives a sense of belonging and with consistent routine, love and understanding, children can begin to flourish and be better prepared for adulthood.

Being a long-term foster carer can be a challenging role, but it is also hugely rewarding.

Our carers tell us by far the biggest reward for them is watching the children in their care develop and flourish into young adults and knowing they had a big part to play in that.

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Support package

We recognise that long-term foster carers need to be supported in their role in order for them to do the best job they can.

That's why, in addition to the great support and rewards we offer all of our foster carers, long-term carers may also receive:   

Enhanced allowance
All foster carers receive an allowance to help with the cost of looking after a child. The allowance foster carers get depends on the age of the child they are looking after. In addition to this, long-term foster carers may also receive an enhanced level of payment if the carers are linked with a child who has been waiting for a permanent placement for over 6 months.

All long-term foster carers are provided with 14 nights respite per year unless care plans recognise that additional periods are required.

Bespoke Preparation Course
In addition to the Preparation Course which all prospective foster carers attend, long-term foster carers get an additional 1-day course to help prepare them for the role of looking after a child or young person on a long-term basis.

Additional training is also available which is tailored specifically for long-term placements to give carers the skills they need to successfully care for a child or young person.

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