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Council Services:

Preparing meals and food delivery

If you have difficulties preparing, cooking, or eating meals, there are various solutions which could help you.


If you have problems opening containers, or using cooking utensils, and cooking equipment, there is a variety of specially designed equipment to help make preparing and eating food easier.

Equipment may be provided to you as an outcome of an assessment. Alternatively, you can buy equipment yourself from various UK based companies.

Food delivery

If you have problems going shopping for food, there are a number of services that can deliver food to your home. Most of the large supermarkets deliver groceries right across the county. This requires you, or someone you know, to select the food you want to be delivered using the supermarket’s website.

Dedicated food delivery services such as Oakhouse Foods and Wiltshire Farm Foods deliver pre-made frozen meals, and cater for most diets and intolerances. You can order online or by telephone, and they can put your food straight in the freezer if you wish.

Hot meal delivery

If you have problems cooking or heating food there are some services which will deliver hot food to your home. Local pubs, cafés, and restaurants may deliver hot meals to you at a cost.

A Country Kitchen and Lincs Hot Meals on Wheels are two providers of hot food delivery based in Lincolnshire.

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Last updated: 12 July 2016

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