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Council Services:

Day opportunities

Day opportunities are a great way to meet others and get out of your home for a few hours. The county’s day centres and day servicesare often run by local community and voluntary organisations. They offer a range of activities, the chance to socialise and a hot meal.

Visit your local library or community hub to find details of day centres and luncheon clubs in your area.

Day centres

Day centres provide a range of activities, a chance to socialise and meet friends and can sometime provide a hot meal. They are usually open all day, and different activities are organised to suit and entertain you. These can include board games, bingo sessions, guest speakers on topics of interest, craft activities, entertainment, exercise classes, day trips and much more.

Luncheon clubs

Luncheon clubs provide a chance to socialise and meet friends over lunch. Usually, they open for just a few hours each day. They provide a place where you can enjoy a hot meal, and provide the opportunity to get out of the home, socialise with others and meet up with old and new friends. All members of the community are welcome and the clubs try to cater for everybody’s dietary and cultural needs.

Day care

Day care is a popular service offered to people who need some help with personal or practical care, and who are unable to get out and about by themselves. Anyone over the age of 18 who lives in the county and needs help, due to frailty or illness, physical or learning disabilities, sight or hearing loss, may be eligible for day care support. Support is also available for older people with mental health issues.

Day care is usually available in a resource centre, community building or a residential home, and offers more support than a typical day centre can provide. Professional caring staff can support you with personal care such as going to the toilet, remind you to take medication or help with washing or bathing. You may also be able to have a hot meal and drinks during the day and a chance to socialise and to take part in a number of leisure and craft activities.

How much does it cost

There may be a charge for access to day centres, luncheon clubs or day care services. Charges vary, but none aim to make a profit. In addition to the cost of any meals provided, many charge a small amount for coffee and tea as well as holding raffles to help out with the cost of entertainment, parties, or special occasions during the year.

How can I get there

We encourage you to arrange your own transport. If you find it difficult to use public transport, there is information for other ways of getting around in the Travel section.

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Last updated: 8 February 2018

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