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Adult Care Assessment

If you struggle with aspects of your daily life, you may have care and support needs. Assessment is the process of gathering and sharing information to build an understanding of your situation and needs.

The assessment is really important to help us understand:

  • your own strengths
  • what you can do for yourself
  • what help and support is around you
  • where you have difficulties
  • what outcomes you want to achieve

The assessment process should be beneficial to you and it’s really important that you are as fully involved as possible.

Assessments can happen face to face in your own home or in a hospital. Some assessments take place over the telephone.

Our aim is to complete assessments within 28 days of it being requested. If your situation is very urgent and you are in crisis or serious risk of harm, we will aim to see you within 24 hours. If your carer is finding it very difficult to cope, we will try to see you within 7 days.

All information given to us is treated as confidential and will only be shared with people involved in your care with your permission. There are some exceptional circumstances where the law says we must share your information with someone else.

The assessment will show all the needs we have identified and enable Adult Care to determine:

  • which of your needs are eligible for care and support
  • what help and support is available to you

We will always ensure you have a copy of your completed assessment, which includes a statement of your eligible needs.

If you are eligible for help from Adult Care, we will aim to arrange this within 7 days of the assessment being carried out. If you are not eligible for help, we will give you information and advice on services that are available to help you continue to live independently and to maintain your quality of life.

For more information about Adult Care Assessments download the Care and Support in Lincolnshire guide.

If you are not happy with the outcome of an assessment, you can ask us to look at your situation again. If you are still not happy you can get in touch with us to make a comment, suggestion, or complaint.


Lincolnshire County Council has a responsibility to support people in prison that may have care and support needs.

Request an assessment

To request an assessment from Lincolnshire County Council Adult Care, contact the Customer Service Centre.


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Last updated: 8 February 2017

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