Fire safety

School fire safety

As you start the phased reopening you should be aware that measures that you introduce to comply with Covid-19 procedures may have an impact on your fire safety provisions.

At the very least you should review your fire safety risk assessment to ensure that it is current and reflects the way your school now operates.

It is essential that assessments are undertaken and reviewed where there are significant changes in ways of working, processes or building layout.

This may include the holding open of fire doors with unsuitable devices, which is not permitted.

Where staff and pupil numbers have changed you should give appropriate training to staff and conduct a fire drill to test your emergency measures.

Further information to assist with reviewing your risk assessment is available in the Schools risk assessment and detailed guidance can be found in the Fire safety risk assessment guide for educational establishments.

Home fire safety

With people spending more time in the home, we have attended a number of house fires relating to cooking, smoking and faulty electrical goods.

It’s important to consider our home safety tips to help keep you and your family safe during this period.

Business fire safety

Some businesses are propping open fire doors to minimise contact between staff and door handles.

We do not recommend propping doors open and advise Businesses to follow public health advice around regularly washing your hands for around 20 seconds or more to minimise the spread of Coronavirus.

Many businesses may be closed or operating with reduced staff numbers, it’s important to still consider the appropriate fire safety measures including the following:

If you have concerns about Fire Safety in the workplace please e-mail: [email protected].

More information and advice can be found on the National Fire Chiefs Council COVID 19 page