Get help to manage your finances

If you need some help to manage your finances, an appointee can do this for you.

An appointee can be:

  • an individual (for example a friend or relative)
  • an organisation or representative of an organisation (for example, a local council or a solicitor)

For us to act as appointee, you must:

  • be in receipt of adult care services from us
  • have had assessments which show that you are unable to manage your finances
  • not have any assets other than benefit entitlements
  • not have savings of over £16,000
  • not have a family member or friend who can manage your benefit entitlements

As appointee, we will arrange for you to receive your state benefits and pay your bills.

This includes opening a bank account in yours and the council’s name. We will ensure that the correct benefits are paid in and we will pay your daily living bills using your money.

If you would like us to become your appointee, call 01522 782155.

If you would like a friend, family member, or another organisation to become your appointee, visit to apply

If you would like to find out more about independent financial advice visit Connect to Support Lincolnshire.