Paying for residential or nursing care

Residential care

If you require residential care, you may be eligible for financial help towards the cost.

Residential care homes charge different amounts. It depends upon the facilities they provide and the type and level of care you need.

The amount you are required to contribute is related to how much you are able to pay. We will find out how much you can afford through a financial assessment.

If you have less than £23,250 in savings and investments, you are likely to be eligible for help. This does not include the value of your home.

If you are moving into residential care, we will take the value of your home into account unless:

  • your husband, wife, partner or former partner continues to live there, except where they were estranged since before you went into a care home
  • a relative aged 60 or over continues to live there
  • a lone parent who is the person's estranged or divorced partner continues to live there
  • a relative under 60 who is incapacitated and receives certain disability allowances continues to live there
  • a child under 18 who you are financially responsible for continues to live there

You may wish to consider obtaining a loan from us against the value of your home to help towards the cost. We call this a deferred payment.

To find out more about residential care homes, visit the Connect to Support Lincolnshire website.

Top-up fees

If you choose a home that charges above our usual costs, then a top-up fee may be payable.

You may be able to pay these fees yourself. In most cases, they are paid by a third party, such as a family member.

The top-up amount will be agreed between the home, your social worker and you.

NHS-funded nursing care

You might be eligible to receive NHS-funded nursing care if you:

  • live in, or are planning to move to, a care home registered to provide nursing care
  • do not qualify for NHS continuing healthcare.

Funded nursing care is not means-tested and is based on your health needs. It is arranged through the local clinical commissioning group (CCG) following an adult care assessment.

If you are eligible, the CCG will currently pay the care home £158.16 a week towards the cost of the nursing care you need.

It will not affect how much you pay towards your care. However, you will still pay a contribution for other accommodation charges.

To find out more about care homes with nursing, visit the Connect to Support Lincolnshire website.