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Structures on the Edge

The Structures on the Edge (SOTE) project is a natural progression of the BathingBeauties® project. SOTE is continuing the theme of exploring and developing small scale art-led interventions as part of the evolving linear gallery of coastal architecture.

Structures on the Edge images

SOTE has provided a series of semi-remote coastal locations for artists and architects to realise permanent installations and interventions that will enhance our relationship with the natural environment of the UK coastline. The potential sites on the 10 mile stretch of coast between Chapel St. Leonards and Mablethorpe on the Lincolnshire coast.

SOTE could be platforms, landings, hides, shelters, havens, lookouts or other structures designed by artists and architects for the appreciation, enjoyment and understanding of the coastal environment. They may have a specific purpose such as wave watching; cloud spotting; star gazing or climate observation, they may react to or interact with the natural elements in dynamic and surprising ways or they may simply provide a shelter or contemplative place for quiet appreciation.

Following a nationally advertised design competition winning designs were identified and two of these ideas are now being developed. ‘Salt Licks’ by Phillip Hall-Patch and ‘Sound Tower’ by Rhys Cannon and Matthew Springett have been designed for Huttoft and Chapel Six Marshes. These have also been the catalyst for a programme of community and education activities to be run by the artsNK development team. To find out more about the programme of art workshops and events taking place on the East Coast check out or email

Planning permission granted for the Sound Tower in June 2013 - The Sound Tower was installed on site in February 2014. The Sound Tower was awarded a grant from the Rural Development Programme for England. Photos of the completed structure coming soon.

Planning permission was granted for Salt Licks in 2014. Information included in the planning application can be found on the Salt Licks page.

  • Salt Licks

    Salt Licks

    Designed by Phillip Hall-Patch, Brighton, UK.

  • The Sound Tower

    The Sound Tower

    Designed by Rhys Cannon and Matthew Springett, London, UK.

  • Cloud Bar

    Cloud Bar

    The UKs first permanent cloud watching outpost. A unique small building made from larch, acrylic and concrete and featuring a cloud-spotting menu, specially designed cloud-viewing seating and self-operating parabolic cloud-mirrors to magic the sky down to the earth. It is located near Anderby Creek beach car park, at the top of the pull-over. The Cloud Bar is officially endorsed by the Cloud Appreciation Society.

  • Round and Round House

    Round and Round House

    Designed by Kingston and Weber of Soma Design, Morecambe, UK.

  • Reflector - grid


    A new Structure On the Edge to add to those already delivered by Lincolnshire County Council was installed in May 2015.

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Last updated: 23 January 2017

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