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The Huts

The Bathing Beauties beach huts were created to help with the regeneration of a number of locations on the Lincolnshire coast following the appointment of artist Michael Trainor in 2005.

The project’s aim was to create series of dramatic and beautiful seaside structures on a superb but partly forgotten 10 mile stretch of Lincolnshire coastline from Mablethorpe to Chapel St. Leonards. The coastline features award-winning beaches, uninterrupted views of sand, sea, sky and over 500 beach huts. A design competition was launched to ‘Re-imagine the Beach Hut for the 21st Century’ and it elicited one of the most exciting responses to any architectural competition this century. Over 240 designs, in the form of models, were received from over 15 countries including the UK, USA, Germany, Italy, France, Portugal, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Canada, Singapore, India, China, Russia, Japan and Israel.

  • Jabba the Hut


    The world’s first contemporary cave, located in an idyllic spot in the sand dunes at North Mablethorpe.

  • Jabba II

    Jabba 2

    The iconic beach hut, which became the emblem of the Mablethorpe and Sutton-on-Sea was replaced with a more robust structure.

  • Halycon Thumb


    Paying homage to the traditional beach hut, this is crafted to allow shades of light to travel through the walls and roof.

  • Eyes Wide Shut

    Eyes Wide sHut

    A glamorous ‘picture frame’ hut that can give privacy to occupants by means of a special one-way viewing mirror.

  • Come Up and See Me

    Come Up & See Me

    Inspired by a gin and tonic, perfect for cocktail sipping at sunset.

  • Gazing and Canoodling

    Gazing & Canoodling

    This original hideaway was conceived as a piece of furniture for the promenade.

  • Camera Obscura

    Camera Obscura

    Ideal for photographic enthusiasts, or just the plain curious, this beach hut is based on a popular Victorian attraction.

  • 'Oyster Pleasance' - Sally Spencer-Davies, A Models Limited, UK (2)

    Oyster Pleasance

    Based on an oyster shell, this hut opens to reveal a circular seating area and the whole structure can be rotated to face the sun.

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Last updated: 26 January 2017

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