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Register or re-register a birth, correct a registration, book a civil naming ceremony or apply for a birth certificate.

Register a birth

If your baby was born in Lincolnshire, you can register the birth at any county registration office.

Re-register a birth

Book an appointment to re-register a baby's birth and amend details about the parents.

Register a birth after 12 months

If a birth has not been registered within 12 months, a late registration is still possible.

Book a civil naming ceremony

A civil naming ceremony is non-religous way to celebrate the birth of a new baby.

Apply for a birth certificate

You can apply for a standard or short birth certificate over the phone, by post or online.

Register a birth for a female couple

Advice and guidance on registering a birth for a female couple following fertility treatment.

Register a stillbirth

A stillbirth in England or Wales should be registered within 42 days.

Need an appointment?

For your convenience, you can book an appointment at any registration office in Lincolnshire online.


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Last updated: 29 June 2016

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