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Council Services:

Nationality Checking Service

Lincolnshire registration and celebratory services are pleased to be registered with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner as a member of the Nationality Checking Service.

What is the Nationality Checking Service?

The Nationality Checking Service is a partnership between the Home Office and Lincolnshire County Council.  We offer a checking service to assist people who want to apply for British Citizenship.

The aim of the service is to help reduce unnecessary delays in the process of applying for British Citizenship.  It is a fact that application to the Home Office containing all the necessary information and correct documents tend to be resolved more quickly than those that are incomplete.  However, this is not a priority service.
The service is available to non-Lincolnshire residents.

Why should I use this service and how will it benefit me?

Lincolnshire County Council will check that your application for British nationality is completed correctly and has been submitted with all the necessary supporting documents such as copies of passports, certificates and proof of English skill.  We also check, copy and certify your passport and other original documents and make sure that you have enclosed the right payment.  All supporting documentation will remain in their owners’ safekeeping.  The completed applications will then be forwarded to the Home Office by special delivery post. Applications of this type can be dealt with, on average, more quickly than those that are not properly completed.  Those using the service will be able to keep their passports and other important documents rather than send them to the Home Office.

Why use Lincolnshire?

Our NCS Team has been trained, registered and authorised with the Office of the Immigration Service Commissioner(OISC).  Reference Number F200700034.
We will give you a fast, efficient, and friendly service.

Is the service available to me?

Applicants must satisfy three main criteria:

  • They must have an appropriate residential qualification dependent on the section of the Immigration Act under which they are applying.
  • They must have been granted Indefinite Leave to Remain in the United Kingdom and
  • They must have proficiency in English Language.

What happens during an appointment?

Normally an appointment can last anywhere between 45 to 90 minutes depending on how many people are applying.  You are required to attend this appointment in person.  If you are married or in a civil partnership and want to make a joint application, both of you must attend.  Children under 18 need not attend.  To be sure the appointment runs according to plan, you are required to bring your completed citizenship application form and any additional certificates or documents you may have (remember your original copy of your successful ‘Life in the UK’ test certificate).  Also bring all the listed documents in the application form guideline notes which can be found on the Home Office website (see ‘Websites’ tab) and finally, please remember the fee for the Home Office.


If you are planning to leave the UK at all in the two months following your application you need to be aware that you will be invited to enrol your biometrics at some point in that period. You need to be aware of the fact that you only have 15 days to enrol your biometrics, and failure to do so in the requisite period could result in the rejection of your application. The 15 days constitutes two weeks and one day, not 15 working days.

How much does it cost?

Type of application

  • Adult - £60.00
  • Child - £40.00

Who do I contact if I am interested?

For any queries about the Nationality Checking Service, call 01522 782244 or email

Need an appointment?

For your convenience, you can book an appointment to register a Birth or Death online.


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Last updated: 18 October 2017

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