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Civil funerals

The majority of people in the UK still choose a traditional, religious funeral service, however, an increasing number of people are finding that a civil funeral ceremony is a more appropriate choice for them.

This type of ceremony, above all, reflects the wishes of the family and focuses on celebrating the life of the deceased. It is a final act of love and respect.

Our professional celebrants can support in creating the most appropriate and meaningful ceremony and help you to decide the arrangements and presentation. You can include:

  • Pieces that had a special meaning and significance for the deceased
  • Items with religious references, such as a prayer or hymn
  • Family members and friends in the ceremony
  • Any music you feel is appropriate

A civil funeral can be held almost anywhere you wish, except churches or religious buildings. The ceremony is appropriate for a cremation or burial at any non-religious burial ground.

How do I arrange a civil funeral?

You can book an appointment with one our celebrants by calling 01522 552513 or by emailing

They will contact you as soon as possible and arrange to meet you at your home or, if you prefer, at the premises of your local authority.

At this first meeting all your options will be discussed and explained. You're also asked to provide as much information about the deceased as possible. It may help to have another member of the family or a close friend with you at this time.

Following the meeting, the celebrant will draft a ceremony that reflects your instructions. You will have the chance to check and amend the details before the ceremony.

The celebrant will always deliver the ceremony from a script. Copies of the script can be requested and they will be sent out after the ceremony.

Many celebrants are members of the registration service, however, they are not acting as registration officers when working as a civil funeral celebrant. Their role as a celebrant is a different and separate function.

How much does a civil funeral cost?

The fixed fee for a civil funeral ceremony is currently £140.

Your funeral director can also help arrange a funeral containing a civil ceremony, if this is appropriate for you and most will include this fee in their costs and pass on the payment.

Bereavement Guide

Lincolnshire County Council’s registration service has produced a guide to help you through the difficulty of losing a loved one.


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Last updated: 30 June 2016

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