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Council Services:

Repatriation and exhumation

Information about repatriation and exhumation is available from your district council.

Repatriation of a body to England and Wales

If a death occurs abroad, it should be registered according to the local regulations of that country and a death certificate should be obtained.

To bring a body back to England or Wales you’ll need a death certificate or an authorisation for the removal of the body from the country of death by someone authorised to do so.

Some countries require a cadaver certificate before they will allow a body into the country for burial. This certificate confirms there was no epidemic of infectious disease in the borough for the three months before the death.

Repatriation of a body from England and Wales

The coroner of the area where the body is located must be given notice of the removal of the body. There is no restriction on the removal of bodies within England and Wales. However, notice is necessary if the removal is to:

  • Scotland
  • Northern Ireland
  • the Isle of Man
  • the Channel Islands
  • further abroad

A Form of Notice (Form 104) is available from a registration officer or coroner. Any certificate for burial or cremation already issued must be given to the coroner with the notice.

The coroner will acknowledge receipt of the notice and say when the removal of the body may take place. This will normally be four clear days after the coroner received the notice.

If it's urgent, it may be possible to allow the removal sooner than the four days. The person giving notice should speak to the coroner.

Exhuming a body

Exhumation of both buried and cremated remains generally requires a Home Office licence.

Contact your district council

  • City of Lincoln Council: 01522 881188
  • Boston Borough Council: 01205 314200
  • East Lindsey District Council: 08446 601111
  • West Lindsey District Council: 01427 676676
  • North Kesteven District Council: 01529 414155 or 01522 699699 if calling from a Lincoln number
  • South Kesteven District Council: 01476 406080
  • South Holland District Council: 01775 761161

Bereavement Guide

Lincolnshire County Council’s registration service has produced a guide to help you through the difficulty of losing a loved one.


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Last updated: 30 June 2016

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