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Council Services:

Support services

Information about support services and charities for the bereaved.

Coroners Court Support Service

Lincolnshire Coroners Service works with the Coroners Court Support Service to assist at our Courts. They are a voluntary organisation whose professionally trained volunteers support bereaved families, witnesses and others when they attend an Inquest. The volunteers offer emotional support and practical help and guide people through the Inquest, giving them information about the process and procedures. If you would like to speak to someone from the CCSS prior to attending an inquest, you can contact them on or call 0300 111 2141

Coroners Court Support Service are currently recruiting for volunteers in Lincolnshire; if you are wish to find out more please visit their website and request a volunteer information pack.

What To Do After Someone Dies

The government have provided step by step guidance as to what needs to be done following someone’s death.


INQUEST is a charity providing free advice to bereaved people facing an inquest, with a focus on deaths in custody.

Bereavement Register

The Bereavement Register is a service which aims to reduce the amount of direct mail sent to those who have died by enabling companies to remove details from their lists.

Sudden Adult Death Trust

This organisation provides information and support for those bereaved by a sudden cardiac death.

Guide to Coroners Service

The ‘Guide to coroner services’ is primarily for bereaved people but others involved in or affected by a coroner investigation or attending a coroner’s inquest may also find it helpful.

The Coroners Society of England and Wales

This website provides background information about the role of a Coroner.

Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide

Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide is there to meet the needs and break the isolation of people over the age of 18 who have been bereaved by the suicide of a close relative or friend.

Human Tissue Authority

The Human Tissue Authority regulates the way human tissue can be used.

North Lincolnshire Coroner’s Service

This website provides information on the North and North East Lincolnshire Coroner’s Service.

North East Lincolnshire Coroner’s Service

This website provides information on the North and North East Lincolnshire Coroner’s Service.

Peterborough Coroner’s Service

This website provides information on Peterborough’s Coroner’s Service.


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Bereavement Guide

Lincolnshire County Council’s registration service has produced a guide to help you through the difficulty of losing a loved one.


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Last updated: 2 March 2017

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