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Council Services:

Contract Management

Update: These Terms and Conditions have been updated as from March 2016.

The council lets a large amount of contracts in many different categories using a number of different suppliers. Managing these contracts appropriately helps make sure the Council’s rate payers receive value for money for services they provide.

The Council defines the period for contact management from when a contract is awarded to when it ends. How the Council manages each of these contracts over that time depends on a number of factors, which include but are not limited to the following;

  • statutory requirements
  • total contract value
  • contract duration
  • risks
  • complexity
  • contractual relationship e.g. partnering
  • opportunity to improve
  • how they are let e.g. via Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation or HBS

Where the council believes that formal contract management is required the contract documents will detail the council’s requirements and may include;

  • the number of contract review meetings over a period
  • provision of management information
  • change control procedures
  • escalation procedures
  • evidence of compliance with service level agreements and/or Key Performance Indicators
  • improvement targets

For contracts that have no formal contract management requirements, e.g. a purchase order on the council’s Conditions of Contract, the council will manage these appropriately. For example if the council believes the supplier is late on delivery then an officer may contact the supplier to find out what the situation is and then take any necessary action. 

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Last updated: 22 January 2018

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