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Council Services:

How we pay our Suppliers

Lincolnshire County Council uses “No P.O., No Payment” policy. Make sure your invoices are paid as efficiently as possible by following the guidelines below.

This policy was introduced to help improve efficiency in Lincolnshire County Council’s procurement and payment processes and to ensure that all procurement is compliant with relevant internal policies and the Council’s financial governance framework.

How it works

  • The system records all Council spend as soon as it is committed on the Council’s financial system.
  • This is achieved by any Council Officer ordering goods or services creating a unique Purchase Order number.
  • The Purchase Order is then sent to the supplier and acts as the “authority to supply/proceed”.
  • The supplier provides the goods/services as per the Purchase Order and these will then be recorded as “Goods Received by the Requisitioner”.
  • The Supplier sends an invoice quoting the Purchase Order number to the invoice scanning Bureau in Liverpool.
  • When the invoice is received it is recorded in the Council’s Financial system and matched against the corresponding goods/services.
  • Once the “Goods Received” has been entered into the Council’s Financial System, the invoice is paid according to the agreed payment terms.

Payment process

No PO no pay flowchart

No PO no pay flowchart

Contact Us

To submit an invoice, please send it direct to:

Lincolnshire County Council, 
Invoice Scanning Bureau, 
PO Box 146, 
L33 7WP

or e-mail

For all other enquiries, you can call us on 01522 552265 or email

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Last updated: 9 February 2018

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