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Council Services:


The Council lets a large amount of contracts from many different categories, using a number of different suppliers.

The Council has four processes it uses to let contracts, which are;

  • Direct approach
  • Quotation
  • Tender
  • Negotiation

Details on these processes are contained within the Council's Constitution under Contract Regulations.

When required by the Contract Regulations, tendering helps make sure the Council's rate payers receive value for money for services provided by the Council.

The Contract Regulations allows the Council to use external organisations to tender contracts on its behalf. Two organisations that do this regularly are the Eastern Shire Purchasing Organisation (ESPO) and Mouchel.

There are a number of different tendering processes that the Council may operate, including;

  • Open Tender
  • Restricted Tender (includes prequalification questionnaire)
  • Negotiated Tender

Tender information on the Procurement Lincolnshire website. These processes are affected if the EU Public Procurement Directives apply.


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Last updated: 20 January 2014

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