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Commercial waste

Trade waste or commercial waste is any waste generated by a business, tradesman or profit making organisation.

Duty of care

All businesses and commercial organisations are responsible for arranging and paying for the disposal of the waste they generate. They also have a legal Duty of Care. This means they have to make sure their waste is stored, collected and disposed of correctly. Failure to comply with the Duty of Care requirements can lead to a business facing prosecution and substantial fines. 

It is illegal to dispose of trade or commercial waste at any of the Household Waste Recycling Centres in Lincolnshire.  Anyone found leaving commercial waste at these sites will face enforcement action, including cost recovery for the disposal of the material and possible prosecution.

How to dispose of commercial waste

Many companies offer commercial waste collection and disposal services in Lincolnshire. There are also companies offering the opportunity for businesses to recycle some or all of their waste. Information can be found in the telephone directory or your local district council may offer a commercial waste collection service.

The Environment Agency is responsible for licensing all waste management facilities, to find out more search their online register or phone them on 03708 506 506.


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Last updated: 2 February 2017

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