Book a civil ceremony


Due to the national lockdown there are now significant differences to ceremonies.

These differences are listed below and are different from previously reported restrictions. Action is now required by all couples please.

The Government's expectation is that ceremonies should now only take place in exceptional circumstances.

Examples given for exceptional circumstances by the Government were an urgent marriage where one of those getting married is seriously ill and not expected to recover, or is to undergo debilitating treatment or life-changing surgery.

It could equally be where a close loved one is seriously ill and may not be able to attend a later date if the ceremony were to be rearranged.

Weddings and civil partnership ceremonies must also, depending on room capacity and any other ceremony restrictions, only take place with a maximum of 6 people including the couple. Anyone working such as registration staff are not included.

Any ceremonies which meet these requirements and have been accepted by the Registration Service to continue will still be subject to the legal preliminaries having been completed, the Governmental restrictions and the other points above and below being agreed and met but you will need to contact your Licensed Venue to ensure that they can still meet your booked date.

  1. Two-metre social distancing from the registration team who, with all guests, need to be wearing face coverings unless exempt from doing so. Face coverings are optional for the couple themselves although now strongly recommended.
  2. The timing of the actual ceremony when the couple and guests are together in ceremony rooms is limited to 15 minutes. The ceremony content will therefore be restricted as detailed in previous communications.

If you wish to continue with your booked ceremony in the lockdown period please e-mail [email protected] identifying your ceremony and the exceptional circumstances which apply to your case.

All such e-mails received will be dealt with as individual cases.

If you need/wish to move a ceremony already booked to a later date please contact [email protected] you will then be contacted by a trained member of staff to assist you.

This team is dealing with a backlog of contacts at this time so we would be grateful for your patience for a reply to any communication.

New couple ceremony bookings will now only be taken from 1 May 2021 although anyone wishing/needing to rearrange an existing booking may book the 'new' ceremony date before May but we have no idea what Governmental restrictions may be in place.

Any ceremony bookings will now not be taken for a date before the 16 February (as the Government review of the lockdown is expected on 15 February) but the legislation passed allows them to extend lockdown to 31 March and if lockdown continues then these rules will also continue.

It is also possible that if we return to Tier 4 that this stronger guidance may remain in force.

Please contact our Customer Service Centre on 01522 782244 to make new ceremony bookings.