Religious wedding ceremonies

The way that marriage is registered in England and Wales has changed.

Couples now sign a Marriage Schedule that contains their details. It is used to register the marriage. Couples do not receive a marriage certificate during the service.

Church of England marriages

To plan a Church of England wedding, you should visit the vicar of the parish where you live.

The vicar will read your Banns of Marriage at the church where you are to marry. They will issue a Marriage Schedule to check and sign at your marriage service. 

They must return your Marriage Schedule to us after the service has taken place so that we can register your wedding.

Some couples must apply for a Superintendent Registrar's Marriage Schedule (SRMS) before their wedding instead of having banns. They must do this when either or both are:

  • not a UK or Ireland national and do not hold Settled or Pre-Settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme
  • a UK or Ireland national (or have Settled or Pre-Settled status), but wish to marry in a church where you have no pre-existing legally-recognised connection. You must be able to live in the parish for at least seven days.

If you need an SRMS before your wedding instead of having banns, you must give notice of marriage.

Non-Church of England marriages

To plan a wedding in the building of another Christian denomination or another religion, you must give notice of marriage.

You must live in the district where you plan to marry unless the building is your usual place of worship.

We will issue your Marriage Schedule after your notice of marriage appointment. You can collect it from our offices, or we can send it directly to your place of marriage. We will advise you about this when you give your notice of marriage. 

Your Marriage Schedule is checked and signed by an authorised person at your marriage service. They must return it to us after the service has taken place so that we can register your wedding. If a registrar attends your place of worship, they will return it to the registration office for you.

Where to return your documents

All the relevant people must sign your Marriage Schedule. You must include your witnesses' full names.

On the back, in pencil, please print the signatures of:

  • the married couple
  • all witnesses
  • the officiating minister

As soon as possible, send your Marriage Schedule by secure post to:

Lincolnshire Registration Certificate Applications
PO Box 760

Please include your phone number and email address of the officiating minister. We may need to confirm the details with them.

Order a certificate

We can only issue certificates when we have:

  • received the Marriage Schedule 
  • entered the details into the national database

You can order a certificate online or by post.