The Usher Gallery

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions will apply to ceremonies at the Usher Gallery.

  • There are no customisation options for the room itself, and the ceremony offer is as pictured, providing a contemporary style.
  • Only artificial silk flowers may be used in the venue. Displays must not include real flowers, dried flowers, berries, grapes or soft fruit. These may stain the surfaces in the venue and attract pests, which cause damage to collections.
  • Confetti of any kind is not permitted indoors. Bio-degradable confetti is allowed outside the venue.
  • Bookings include access for the bridal car to the grounds; no other parking is available, but there are public car parks close by.
  • Please be aware that animals are not permitted (assistance animals are excluded)
  • Food and drink are not permitted at The Usher Gallery.
  • Photography is allowed in Gallery 1, Entrance Hall, Stairwell and Upper Landing, but flash photography is not permitted. Close-up shots of the collections are not allowed. There may be restrictions on photographing some artworks due to copyright restrictions, which will be explained in advance. There should be no trailing leads.
  • Helium balloons and bubbles are not permitted in the venue; they can cause damage to our collections.
  • Candles with naked flames are not permitted within the venue. Battery powered candles (LED) are used, and we provide these for the lanterns pictured.
  • Smoking is not permitted indoors.
  • Smoke machines are not permitted in the venue; this may cause damage and increase risks to collections.
  • Dancing is not permitted in the Usher Gallery; this may cause vibrations and undue risks to the collections.

Guests must use the cloakroom or coat racks provided. Wet coats and umbrellas are not permitted in the ceremony rooms or galleries.

Usher gallery
Usher gallery
Usher gallery
Usher gallery