Lincolnshire Autism Partnership Board

Training resources

The Lincolnshire Autism Partnership Board (LAPB) looks at the different levels of autism training that people may need.

We feel that there are three distinct tiers:

  • universal basic awareness training
  • intermediate targeted training
  • specialist training

We have outcomes that we expect from each tier, the type of content it will include and the suggested method of delivery.

E-learning training packages

The LAPB recommended the following training packages:

Local face-to-face training and talks

  • Supporting People on the Autism Spectrum - an intermediate level autism training presentation for parents and professionals
  • Autism, Education and Me - a talk given by Sian Hutchings, a member of the LAPB, providing her own experience of autism

Key resources for professionals

  • Royal College of General Practitioners - Autistic Spectrum Disorders Toolkit
  • Autism Education Trust (courses run by the Working Together Team)
  • LinCA Workforce Development - training opportunities for care providers

There may be other options that are more suitable for your specific needs.