Apply for a recycling centre permit

You no longer have to book a slot at our recycling centres for any vehicle.

However, you must still register for a free permit to bring some vehicles.

Waste types and site maps 

To check the types of waste you can bring, where to unload it when on-site and opening times, view our site information.

We do not allow

  • commercial vehicles or business waste
  • overloaded trailers
  • flat-bed pick-ups
  • any vehicle more than 2m (6ft 6ins) high, including any roof bars or boxes*

If you have a trailer permit and the towing vehicle is a van, you are only permitted to carry waste in either the van or the trailer, not in both.

*If you use a disability adapted vehicle that is over 2m in height please contact us before applying.

Apply for a permit

You do not need a permit for:

  • cars and 4-door pick-ups
  • MPVs and 4x4s that are classed as cars
  • small trailers up to 6ft x 4ft x 1.5ft (no greedy boards or caged sides)

You must have a permit for:

  • vans
  • 4x4s that are classed as light goods vehicles
  • large trailers up to 12ft x 6ft x 1.5ft (no greedy boards or caged sides)

All permits registered when the booking system was in place are still valid.

The online system for the permit application is temporarily unavailable. To apply for a permit, please contact the customer service centre on 01522 782070. At the first option menu, select option one (member of the public). Then select option two (household waste recycling centres).