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The Coastal Action Zone Local Action Group (LAG) has been successful in securing £1.5 million from the new Rural Development Programme for the England LEADER funding programme.

The LAG is supported by a small team employed by Lincolnshire County Council who act as the Accountable Body for the LEADER programme in Lincolnshire. The Accountable Body is responsible for delivering the programme on behalf of the LAG, to ensure that financial propriety and compliance with EU regulations is observed.

The programme is planned to run for 5 years, or until all funding has been allocated. All project funded expenditure will need to be completed by 30thOctober 2020. Over this period the LAG, supported by Lincolnshire County Council, will distribute grants to local businesses, farmers and community organisations in support of activities that generate jobs and growth in the rural economy.

LEADER in Lincolnshire

LEADER is a European Union initiative delivered through Defra, the Rural Payments Agency and Lincolnshire County Council. North and South Kesteven District Councils also contribute financially to the programme.

The Coastal Action Zone  is one of 80 LEADER Local Action Groups delivering part of the Rural Development Programme for England. It is one of five in Greater Lincolnshire, the others being the Kestevens, Lindsey Action Zone, Wash Fens Partnership and Northern Lincolnshire Local Action Group area.

Through LEADER, local people with relevant experience and local knowledge have delegated responsibility for deciding which projects they will fund in their areas.

All LEADER funded activities must make a contribution to growing the rural economy, such as creating new jobs, growing businesses, improving productivity and efficiency, increasing tourism visitors or providing new rural services.

The Coastal Action Zone area (Click for Map) covers the coastal part of East Lindsey and its rural hinterland, from Tetney in the north to Friskney and Sibsey in the south. The market town of Alford is located within the Coastal Action Zone. LEADER is only available in rural areas.

Local Development Strategy

The LAG is the group responsible for implementing LEADER in an agreed rural area. It brings together individuals and organisations from the local public, private and community sectors (Coastal Membership List). To become an approved LAG, groups must first develop a Local Development Strategy that sets out how they will invest RDPE funding to deliver jobs and growth in their area.

It sets out the strategic direction and priorities that the LAG will focus upon to improve the rural economy and it will be reviewed and developed over the lifetime of the Programme. The Coastal Action Zone Local Development Strategy identifies three key funding priorities that the LAG will focus on to maximise growth. To be successful, funding applications must contribute to one or more of these priorities:

1. Broaden and strengthen the coastal economy

Addressing the identified needs of: Narrow economic base, Seasonality (Economy and Weather), Infrastructure (visitor, services and access), Perceptions and Low Aspirations. Using innovation, enterprise and entrepreneurship as drivers to maximise opportunities and new markets and increase and improve the number of sustainable micro and small businesses.

2. Increase coastal connectivity

Addressing the identified needs of: Rural Isolation, Infrastructure (visitor, services and access) and Perceptions - Developing sustainable green infrastructure and coastal access, that is joined up and connecting centres of population. This will open up opportunities for activity and leisure pursuits, increase access to the natural landscape and encourage enterprising business opportunities.

3. Diversify and enhance the coastal area for all

Addressing the identified needs of: Seasonality (Economy and Weather), Infrastructure (visitor, services, access), Perceptions, Under used cultural & heritage assets, loss of rural services - Improving the range and quality of leisure and interest facilities and activities focussed on cultural, natural and built heritage assets and provision of rural services, embracing the coastal hinterland, wild coast, culture and heritage of the area.


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Last updated: 14 June 2016

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