Running a street party

If you want to put together a street party to mark the event to crown King Charles III on Saturday, May 6 then here’s what you need to know.

Running a Street Party: It’s a pretty easy thing to do

If you want to organise a street party for yourself and neighbours then the rules around it are very simple and straightforward. You don’t even need a licence for the event, but you do need to make an application for the party with the county council.

The good news is that LCC doesn’t charge for a street party. All we ask is that you get your application for one to us in plenty of time.

Usually, there’s a 13 week wait between the application being made and it being approved - but for the Coronation, where a street party is made up of just one or two streets, we’re cutting that down to just FIVE weeks of notice needed.

That means that the latest you can apply for a street party application with us is March 31.

And whilst that is the latest that you can get your event application to us, we really recommend that you file your event with us as soon as you can – it'll really help things to get processed smoothly if it's not part of the last-minute rush.

All you need to do before you start your application process is to work out if what you want to do is a PARTY or an EVENT.

  • A party is anything that involves just one or two streets and is a small gathering of residents.
  • An event is anything that’s larger than a couple of streets, has amplified music or a commercial interest.

Make an application

More information

More helpful tips, advice and support for organising a successful event can be found on The Big Lunch website where you can request a free Big Lunch pack for organisers.