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Vaccination of care home staff

The Government has announced that the COVID-19 vaccine will be mandatory for all care home workers in England – with staff urged to get their lifesaving jab as soon as possible to protect themselves and the people they care for.

This also includes a requirement for anyone whose work or volunteering requires them to enter an adult care home to be vaccinated against COVID-19, unless they are medically exempt, in the case of an emergency or from the emergency services. It does not apply to family members visiting residents of care homes.

A 16 week grace period began on Thursday 22 July 2021. This means workers (both care home staff and anyone who enters a care home for work reasons) have until 16 September to get their first dose of the vaccine so that they can be fully vaccinated by the time regulations come into force on 11 November, allowing for an 8 week gap between doses.

People living in care homes are particularly vulnerable to severe illness and death from COVID-19, and the Government has said that making vaccination a condition of deployment in care homes will "help ensure that residents at high risk from COVID-19, either due to their age, underlying health conditions, or disability, are better protected against the virus".

Some 90% of care home staff in Lincolnshire have had their first vaccination and 82% have had a second dose, according to latest figures. The remainder have just over 6 weeks in which to get their first jab to ensure they are able to have the second by 11 November. Meanwhile, some 93% of residents in Lincolnshire's care homes are fully vaccinated with both doses.

Councillor Cllr Wendy Bowkett, Lincolnshire County Council's Portfolio Holder for Adult Care and Public Health, said: "Care homes up and down the country have been hit particularly hard by COVID-19 and, despite the fantastic efforts of staff to keep their residents safe, around 7,000 care homes in England have sadly registered at least one death related to coronavirus.

"We cannot lose sight of the fact that, despite the lifting of restrictions recently, the virus hasn't gone away and the vaccine is the best protection people can get from becoming seriously ill with COVID-19. It also helps to cut transmission of the virus from one person to another.

“It’s brilliant news that 9 in 10 care home staff in Lincolnshire have already had their vaccine, and I would encourage the remainder – and anyone else who is required to go into a care home for work purposes – to get theirs as soon as possible if they can.

“While taking up the offer of vaccination may, for whatever reason, be a difficult decision for a small number of individuals, it is important to remember that it not only protects you but also your colleagues and the people you care for who are most vulnerable to this deadly virus."

"Pre-booked appointments can still be arranged via the National Booking System or by calling 119, or GrabAJab at one of the county's walk-in events"

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