Births, deaths and ceremonies

Births and deaths

We are currently making changes to our registration offices and working procedures so we can re-start birth registrations. Once these are in place, current birth registrations (those which occurred on or after 25 May) will be able to make appointments to register the births.

We do have a backlog of birth registrations (those which occurred before 25 May) to complete, and we are now trialling a process of contacting customers to make appointments in our main office in Lincoln to test our new systems and procedures.

Once we have done this and made any necessary changes to this process, we will be able to offer appointments at other offices too. 

Thank you for your patience while we make sure we can keep staff and customers safe. We will announce when our appointment system re-opens.

We will contact you to make an appointment if your baby was born before 25 May, when we have times available.

The 42 day requirement to register a birth has been relaxed and no action will be taken if you have not registered within that time frame.

You can make a claim for child benefit or universal credit prior to the birth being registered.


Medical Certificates of Cause of Death will continue to be sent directly to the registration service by doctors, surgeries and hospitals in Lincolnshire.

They will also provide us with details of a family member to contact to complete the registration of the death by telephone. 

Once the registration is completed the necessary paperwork will be sent to the Funeral Director chosen by the family.

Any death certificates ordered will be sent by post.

Further support information is available in the Funeral advice and support area.