Schools and education

School transport

We ask that you transport your child to school unless you have no other option. This will help further support social distancing.

You must contact us if your child:

  • must attend school or college and you cannot transport them
  • is a new starter at a school or college
  • no longer needs transport because you are able to take them
  • is entitled to an emergency childcare place and needs support

For help and advice, email [email protected].

If you do not have access to email, call 01522 782020.

It may take up to five days for us to put transport arrangements in place.

If children change their attendance and need different arrangements, schools and colleges should email [email protected].

School transport arrangements from 1 June 2020

Schools and colleges are preparing for a gradual re-opening. This may start from 1 June for the following year groups:

  • Reception
  • Year 1
  • Year 6
  • Year 10 (15 June earliest)
  • Year 11 (Springwell and Build a Future schools only)
  • Year 12 (15 June earliest)

Some schools have not been able to confirm yet when they plan to re-open for the year groups identified by the Government and the exact dates that children can attend from.

If your child is entitled to transport and you cannot take them to school yourself, please complete the form below as soon as you know when you will need transport arranging from.

Request school tranport

Those without access to the internet should call 01522 782020.

The council will make appropriate transport arrangements as soon as possible.

We apologise that very short notice may mean a delay to transport being in place.

Please note this only relates to transport for the current academic year and not from September 2020.

We are working with schools and transport providers to ensure that children and young people can:

  • get to school when they need to 
  • help support social distancing

This may mean some changes to the types of vehicle and the providers we use. We ask for your understanding with this.

It is important that transport is only for those children and young people who need it.

Mainstream schools and colleges are open to vulnerable children and those of key workers in any year group.

You do not need to contact us if your child is currently attending or will continue to attend school.

The Government guidance for special schools is different to other schools. You should talk directly to your child's special school about your their attendance.

We will continue to work with special schools to arrange transport where needed if parents can't do it themselves.

Your child should not travel to school if they, or anyone else in their household, have a temperature or are unwell or are showing any other Covid-19 related symptoms.

If your child becomes unwell during a school day, as normal, you will be expected to make arrangements with your child's school for collection.

Transport will be provided as close to the start and end of the school day as possible. The council is unable to guarantee that different start and end times can be supported.

Please confirm if your child will be travelling on different days by completing the online form above. Those without access to the internet should call 01522 782020.

If your child needs to use school transport that is arranged by the council, they will be supported to socially distance from other children by having fewer children on vehicles. This may mean some changes to the normal transport your child uses.

Children should wash their hands thoroughly before and after using transport.

Parents and carers are responsible for supporting their child to maintain social distancing at bus stops and schools are asked to support this on return journeys where possible.

Once a child boards their school transport the driver will indicate where they should sit. This may not be possible on public transport.

Some public transport providers are requesting that exact cash payment only or contactless card payment is used.

It is recommended that your child wears a face covering (not a surgical mask) on both public transport and school transport where possible, unless they cannot use one without assistance or for medical reasons.

Children do not need to wear face coverings at bus stops or in school, but on transport they will mix with different children and so face coverings are advised.

Please check with your child's transport provider for any specific rules they have.

If your child needs your help getting into a vehicle, we recommend you limit the time you spend in the vehicle, wear a face covering and also wash your hands thoroughly before and after.

The government advises that there may be situations where people can't keep 2 metres away from each other, such as getting on and off transport. In these cases, the advice is to avoid physical contact and face away from others.

Transport providers are being asked to clean vehicles thoroughly and regularly, particularly key places that passengers may touch with their hands.

Transport providers will be asked to use PPE in line with government advice.

The council and providers are committed to providing children that need transport with a safe and comfortable journey that feels as normal as possible.